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Today’s consumer lives in an environment of short lived or disposable items. Waste is a growing problem.

On average Australians produce one tonne of rubbish each year. Every year the volume recycled increases but we also create more waste for disposal.

How can you reduce waste? +

The best way is to REDUCE the volume of waste the community generates.

  • Reducing waste means not to produce much in the first place such as shopping more carefully by looking for products with minimal packaging.

The second best way is to RE-USE.

  • Re-using and/or recovering waste means you can use it again without making it into a new product first.
  • Re-using is given priority over recycling as it provides greater savings in resource consumption.
  • Come in and visit our Second Chance Re-Use Shop for many examples of items for re-use.

The third best way is to REPROCESS and/or RECYCLE.

  • Recycling and/or reprocessing waste means using waste to make new products.
  • For example paper can be recycled eight times. Compost can be made out of green waste. Recycling saves landfill space.

Our aim at MPWTS is to minimise environmental impact by diverting waste destined for landfill.

School Tours

We are enthusiastic about educating children and young people regarding the importance of recycling for the future of Tasmania's environment.

As such, we offer free school tours of the waste transfer station, where students can learn how to contribute to environmentally sustainable recycling practices. The interactive sessions will show students how the transfer station works to preserve our natural environment by recycling green waste, white goods, glass and plastics, paper, gas bottles, batteries and all types of metal.

If you are interested in booking a tour during the school year or would like to find out more please complete the enquiry form or contact us at the transfer station on (03) 6282 3200.

learn about waste management

The MPWTS team actively works to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and will strive to minimise any environmental impacts to our site. Visit the following interesting sites to learn about waste management:  

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Waste Education